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  1. Help me please
  2. Please help me
  3. Hello world to evony need refund or packs
  4. If you cant help point me to who can
  5. Need help now your still active and online
  6. James please help
  7. Can u please help
  8. You told me to post receipts in thread. I did and no reply yet. Even though your still on line and active.
  9. So evony llc is based out of ny and is this there phone number 646-233-4177
  10. I have the paperwork from hospital to prove this and will use it in court. Now the va is having me go to mental therapy on the 14th of this month cause of the extra stress. Mainly cause of the lack of compassionate from people that run this game. Why r they called customer support if there is no customer support.
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