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  1. Hi James. It seems a message I sent you may have accidentally disappeard, so I am sending it to you again.

    First, I'd Like to say you guys have been great at helping me with my Account.

    I have had "several set backs" since starting on this Server. One of which you know, my buildings disappearing. That was resolved by reinstalling the game and using a New Code that you provided.

    I have also had the game freeze up on me twice, and a 3rd time was experiencing a possible Heart Attack which after research may have been....but I am okay.

    On each of these (3) events, my Bubble has Dropped and I have had to use all speed ups and a Lot of resources to just Heal My Troops.

    I was hoping because of my set backs, I could purchase a Beginners Pack, Like the one you guys give when someone first starts here....that included all of the speed ups, Gems, RSS and Gold. I can afford either $10 or maybe $20 from my PayPal Acct. Please Let me know if this is possible. Thank you
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