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  1. I had an issue during svs. I scouted an enemy, It was a 3 second scout. The scout arrived and it got stuck at the enemy city at 0 seconds and would not let me truce. The scout ended up stuck for like 6 minutes, even after force closing and opening the game.I took screenshots of everything, bot before amd after I was attacked and can send them to you if you can explain to me how.
    I had another march in the alliance farm, which collaborates the times it was stuck, as well as the time stamps for the event on my screen with the error message saying I could not truce because I had troops marched.

    Could you help me with this? I lost 25 Million each of stone, lumber and iron from being attacked while it was glitched, as well as 29 million lumber, 10 million food, 10 million stone from having to heal my troops with 33 days of speeds, amd 9k gems to revive my general.

    My player ID is 18996845 on server 86(recently merged from 88)
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