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  1. Hey Evony, some players spend same money them me and have more vips, gems and others things. i knoa it is happening becouse the Evony Team update the packages. So i think Evony need to compensate the players that spend money here a long time ago before Evony update the packages. It is an injustice!
  2. How can i attach screen shots here? Im doing it by my cellphone.have 4 days that my craft are bug crashed!!!
  3. How can i attach screen shots here?
  4. Hey James, im with a big crash at my account. I cant craft anything. The game dont show me the start button craft. I have some screen shots thar you can see what is happen. I need that fixed. Im loosing my time and moneh on this game.
    My name is DaAaB, im a player from server 3, my castle are at lvl 15 and im a player from OUTLAW alliance.
    It need to be fixed fast, i need to craft somethings.
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