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  1. I'm having more issues now... still nothing I want a refund
  2. Still nothing yet again I'm still waiting. Please don't make me an unsatisfied customer.
  3. Hi James, I have been experiencing a lot of issues in game. I have contacted in game support and have had no luck what so ever. My issues are as follows:- for 2 days I was training troops that would vanish upon collecting. This happened soon after I spent 40. I used most of my speed ups and gems trying to train troops thinking the issue would fix itself. It did not, so my hard earned cash was a total waste!!! This also went on to me not being able to compete in the kill event so I lost out there also. I love Evony I have done since age 1 and I would hate to have bad things to say about the support because everything else is great.

    I play on server 5 and my user name is Kiero I am connected through facebook.

    I really hope you help and respond many thanks Kiero
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