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  1. Were is your damn supervisor at
  2. If i die James its because of you and evony.
  3. I guess you want me dead why cant u just fucking help me. I paid were is my stuff
  4. Dont understand why there is no customer service
  5. Help me please thanks much
  6. Need help please thanks
  7. Help me please this might not be fair but nor is not getting any help for a month
  8. Whnt news cw news cnn news abc nbc who ever i have to bug to pick this up if i cant get no help
  9. Soon i will blast all of this of screen shots and what happen on facebook twitter make a online blog file a class action law suite youtube whatever i have to do inorder to make evony do what is right and stop ripping people off
  10. This is the worst customer service ever
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