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  1. Hi! A friend of mine snatched my account. Block all contact with me, both in games and other applications. He also bought a package, which leaves me with no recent receipts. I've created a new account and linked it to Gmail. Here is the ID;

    Lost Account: 92417482
    Servers: 548

    New Account: 205474944
    Servers: 548

    I hope you guys can help me. The person controlling my account that I trust stole my account from me, then bought a package. I don't have the most recent receipt but, I have proof of purchase of the old receipt I purchased. My lost account means a lot to me please help me.
  2. Hello james can you help me retrieve my account, someone unlink it and i switch account now i cant open my main account because its unlink

    MAIN ACCOUNT : 92417482
    NEW ACCOUNT : 205474944
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