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  1. Crane industry observation: Uzbekistan will vigorously develop the automobile industr

    Salimov, president of Uzbekistan Automotive Industry Holdings, recently said that Uzbekistan will vigorously develop automotive industries, and strive to achieve 237 cars in 2025. Salimov said that...
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    Qatar Crane Market Study 2022

    The Qatar crane market totaled X USD in 2019, the same as the previous year. This figure reflects the total revenue of producers and importers (excluding logistics costs, retail marketing costs and...
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    Southeast Asia Crane Market Study 2022

    The Southeast Asia crane market fell to $X in 2020, down -X% year over year. Overall, consumption has shown a relatively flat trend pattern. In 2008, the growth rate was the fastest, and the market...
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    South Asia Crane Market Study 2022

    In 2020, after two years of growth, the South Asian crane market declined, its value fell -X% to X dollars. Overall, however, consumption has shown a relatively flat trend pattern. The growth rate...
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    East Asia Crane Market Study 2022

    The East Asian crane market declined slightly to $X in 2020, shrinking by -X% from the previous year. Overall, consumption continued to show a slight downward trend. The fastest growth in 2009, an...
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    10 ton HHBB type Electric Chain Hoist

    HHBB type electric chain hoist consists of electric motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. The lifting capacity is 10 ton, and the lifting height is 3 to 120 meters. The electric...
  7. 5 ton electric chain hoist for sale Columbia

    5 ton chain fall hoist for sale Columbia. Dongqi offers types of electric hoists for Columbia markets, including electric chain hoist, wire rope hoist, variable speed hoist, explosion proof hoist,...
  8. Mobile electric hoist, Flexible electric hoist solution, Mobile electric hoist suppli

    For regular electric hoists, they are installed into place and cannot move around about. The fixed electric hoist are reliable in specific situations where the loads will probably be next to the...
  9. The service life of double beam crane has a great relationship with crane brake

    In daily inspection of special equipment inspection work, often come into contact with double beam crane brakes, crane brake device configuration is in line with the actual relationship to the...
  10. Why electric chain hoists is better over wire rope hoist in harsh environment?

    Why electric chain hoists is preferred in harsh environment over wire rope hoist? Select right electric hoist for your application. Contact electric chain hoist crane manufacturer and supplier now.
  11. QD Double Girder Overhead Crane Specification And PDF

    QD Double Girder Overhead Crane Basic Information
    QD-Double Girder overhead Crane is a kind of heavy duty crane, it could be classified into several working duties: A5, A6, A7, according to the...
  12. Ladle Crane Specification and PDF Technical Documents

    Features of ladle cranes
    Ladle cranes are designed to be operated efficiently, uninterruptedly and safely in continuous use. The design conforms to the requirements of international standards.

  13. Uzbekistan will hold 2022 agricultural and agricultural machinery international exhib

    The Uzbekistan National Exhibition will hold Uzbekistan Agricultural Modern Equipment and Process Technology International Professional Exhibition “Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo-2022” and Agricultural...
  14. 500kg-5 ton chain hoist, 10 ton chain hoist, 15 ton-25 ton chain hoist, 30 ton chain

    Chain electric hoist for sale with various lifting capacity for sale. Dongqi offers types of Chain electric hoists, such as, 500kg-5 ton chain hoist, 7.5 ton chain hoist, 10 ton chain hoist, 15...
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    The safety rules of electric hoist

    Electric hoist safety always ranks the top. How to operation electric hoist safely? Check the safety rules of electric hoist. Hoist safety rules are presented for you now.

    On the basis of...
  16. What do you need to provide when you want to purchase crane or hoist?

    When you purchase hoist, parameters need to offer as followings:

    1. Lifting capacity

    2. Lifting height

    3. Working class (how many hours the crane will work in...
  17. Electric hoists for overhead cranes, Overhead crane hoists manufacturer and supplier

    Types of overhead crane hoists for your cranes. What are the requirements of overhead crane for electric hoists? Check the overhead crane manufacturer.

    Wire rope electric hoist on single girder...
  18. Crane Industry Observation: Policy Trends of Philippine Coal-fired Power Plant Projec

    Overhead cranes are widely used in power plants. When Dongqi Crane sold various types of cranes to the Philippines, it found that Philippine customers have a wide range of needs for electric hoists....
  19. Crane Industry Observation: Philippines to open 13 ports for global trade

    According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer on March 22, the Philippine Port Authority (PPA) said that with the recovery of shipping demand and the recovery of Global trade, at least 13 new ports in...
  20. QB Double-girder Explosion-proof Crane Specifications And PDF

    QB Double-girder Explosion-proof Crane Design Criteria and Features
    Type: QB
    Lifting capacity: 5-50
    Span: 10.5-31.5m
    Working class: A4, A5Ambient
    Temperature: -20~40℃
    Mainly consists of bridge...
  21. QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane Specifications And PDF

    QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane Working Characteristics
    Type: QC
    Lifting capacity: 5-32t
    Span: 10.5-31.5m
    Working class: A6
    Temperature: -25~+40℃
    The overhead crane equipped with accessible...
  22. The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines Holds a Symposium for Chinese-funded Enterpris

    Dongqi Crane has more than 10 years of crane service experience in the Philippines, and has cooperated with local partners for many types of crane projects. He pays special attention to various...
  23. Metallurgical Wire Rope Electric Hoist Specifications

    Compact design, light weight, safe and reliable.
    The spare parts are generalization and strong interchangeability.
    High security, easy maintenance
    Thermal radiation protection
    Electric hoist...
  24. MH Single girder Gantry Crane Specifications

    MH Single girder Gantry Crane Specifications
  25. Malaysian Crane Market Watch: Malaysia-Thailand Restarts Longman High-Speed Rail Rese

    Malaysian Crane Market Watch: Malaysia-Thailand Restarts Longman High-Speed Rail Research Program
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