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Thread: Unable to get a resolution from Evony Support

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    Exclamation Unable to get a resolution from Evony Support

    James, I have been asking for a resolution for over a month now and I keep getting ignored or I get some response like...I'm sorry we can't understand you, sorry. So, I will again explain in detail what happened on November 15, 2017. I was porting around with a team mate participating in Kill Event when we began experiencing horrible game lag. We decided to call it quits and head back to camp. I went into my settings to put up my bubble before porting back home that's when it happened...while trying to get a bubble in place I was Scouted, then I was hit. I want to mention this was a scout and hit from a distance, a good 25 km. The game lag prevented me from being able to put up my bubble...I had massive losses! I lost 32 Million in power and I had over 1 Million troops KILLED....not wounded but KILLED. I finally got my bubble up and ported home. I contacted Evony immediately. The first response I received was we have fixed the lag problem...nothing else! I contacted them again asking for them to make it right and reimburse me for the damages I incurred due to the lag. I,was ignored. I sent another email 4 days telling them that if they didn't respond and correct the issue and make right what I lost in troops I would take my business else where. The next day I received a small compensation in my was enough resources and,speed ups to build 60K troops. I replied to them and thanked them but asked them to reevaluate how they compensated me. I explained how that wasn't adequate and attached pictures of my troops to build showing the time and amount of resources it takes to build just one batch. I also explained that the compensation should be equal to not less than what I lost. So again I waited and no response. I waited 1 week and sent another email....waited 4 a reply that they are backed up and to please open another ticket. Opened another ticket...waited and this time after 2 days the email I sent has disappeared with no response. So I,sent another request, same response...I don't know what you are talking about can you explain. So I have sent in another email explaining everything again, and again, again, again....and I have posted in here because yet again I have no response after 4 days and the ticket is gone!!! James can you PLEASE get this taken care of for me? I feel that this has gone on far too long. I just want to be able to rebuild what was lost due to the game more, no less. I feel that is fair, don't you?

    Thank You,
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