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Thread: Possible error

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    Possible error-please tell us what is going on.

    I went on this morning in order to see how long the server would be down for and the time down counter flashed up then the regular WiFi/network error flashed up then it goes to the screen which you go to when the game is brand new, it has done this everyone I have loaded the game since updating can I have reassurance that I will be able to get back on my account once maintenance has finished.
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    Yeah Im getting the same shit. I try to see how long it is until it's up, and it prompts culture select.

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    Exactly what I'm getting when I load it, I'm going to be so pissed off if they have messed it up I have had this account for 10 months and put so much work and effort into it

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    I have confirmation that my account unsafe cause I'm getting notifications but it won't download configure files on both tablet (main acct) and phone (farm acct) anyone else have this?

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    Network issues here. Please check your connection

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    I've that stupid network message on my phone for months, and support keeps ignoring me.
    After todays update it is now on the tablet too, so now i cant connect at all.

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    Network connection issue also, is the server online for anyone?

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    People in my alliance are on cause i keep getting notifications from the alliance chat and I know it isn't a regional thing cause there's a lad who lives in the same country than me that I can see so I'm really not sure, is James or some other admin on to tell us wtf is happening?

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    Ive just posted a thread exactly the same, however i forgot to link my account yesterday and now im thinking i may have lost it all. wont download configure settings, and have already spent a good amount of money on it.

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    You won't have lost it unless you have uninstalled and reinstalled the game it's just being awkward and with updating

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    no ive not uninstalled, that was going to be my next step but i thought id hold off on it and see if it sorts itself out.

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    It should I think it's a mixture of bad connection and loads trying to download the update and other files, as I said people in my alliance are on so it's not effecting everyone

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    Always something with this game isnt there, after everything we put into the game youd think theyd fix the issues.

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    Connection error after the update!!
    Hi I can't log to my account since the update!!! I'm using truce and it will be over in 10 hour!! I will be destroyed if I couldn't get online soon!!!! I wiil demand a refund. Please fix this problem.

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