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Thread: K30 Update

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    K30 Update

    I actually like the concept of the update. Itís nice to have new research and the ability to upgrade more. However - the cost is way to high. Combine the high costs with an event that costs more is highly disappointing. The snowmen donít give any type of boss packs, and they must be soloíd. This just costs stamina which is not even close to being replaced in the eggs, candy, or lucky composition. The number of advanced teleports, stamina, and 24 hour bubbles gained from event areas also has been reduced. I spent the day searching for Santaís - when I opened over 200 chests I received less than 10 candies. How frustrating! To top it off now it seems the hammer drop rate has been reduced as well! I also noticed that the cost of the max gem levy has been increased. I max levy every day, and buy packs to support that. The increase is HIGHLY disappointing.

    The high cost of the update has caused almost half my server to quit. The coiners that are left donít want to spend because the value just isnít there. Personally I have spent thousands on this game, and would have happily kept spending more - but the lack of event rewards and high update costs has taken the value out of the packs. Whatís the point of spending on a server where there is very few active players?

    Add boss chests back to the snowmen. Either remove the egg smashing cap (on activation) or increase the quantity/quality of desirable prizes (advanced teleports, stamina, 24 hour bubbles). Begin merging servers to make up for the players that have been driven away. The pumpkin event was awesome. I purchased more packs during that event because I was also rewarded with good prizes for participating in it. Snowmen with boss chests, and the Santaís could have been just as good.

    Economics 101 - when the product is not desirable demand decreases. We will happily spend money if the value is obvious. Right now this is just an obvious money grab.

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    I absolutely agree with this. 25 stamina for a snowman 5, which is more than a normal boss! But doesn't give the rewards a boss gives. And the spawn rate of the bosses is horrible as well. I think y'all need to take a long look at what people are saying, and revamp some things, because it's beyond frustrating.

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    Agreed. The disproportionate "rewards" are a disaster -- along with that 1m RSS "gift" for the update. For a k25, that is ludicrous.

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    1m rss gift is a joke

    Quote Originally Posted by LuBu-Incarnate View Post
    Agreed. The disproportionate "rewards" are a disaster -- along with that 1m RSS "gift" for the update. For a k25, that is ludicrous.
    Yeah, 1m rss is a drop in the bucket. I can gather that in way less than an hour. Itís not even .02 of whatís needed for K26 and if you consider the some 3B rss needed to get to 30 itís more like a slap in the face.

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    Agreed. The upgrade costs are insane and out of proportion. It pretty much only lets people with huge bank accounts play hard anymore. Add to that all the buggyness of the new update. I think Evony needs more people testing before new releases or patches.

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    Problem is there is no room for casual spenders like me. I was good for 300$ to start a server and a minimum of 100$ a month for monster pack, gem rights, and whatever event packs looked good. Thing is all that level of spending does now is keep me bubbled and farming bosses....boring.

    Bottom line is at my level of spending I can no longer compete at a respectable level. I don't expect to be a top level player with that but I do expect to be on the way with what I spend.

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