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Thread: Important: Update 2.2 and account lost recovery.

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    Hi, i lost my account can you help me? GPA.3355-7988-7370-94027
    Id 122249279

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    Good day, yesterday i had got a error in the game "you have been disconnected because someone log in with your account"

    No on else has logged into my account so how do I get back in? The game will not load

    My game name Eagle Land
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    Lost my account
    ID 141868067
    Server 845
    Alliance KOD
    Made a new account
    ID 173277259
    Server 845
    Alliance drs
    Can u guys merge so please and thank you

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    I lost my account can find for me server 1035
    Name NinjaZenx01
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    Xin cho nhm hỗ trợ !
    Ti ở đy để cần cc bạn hỗ trợ Ti lấy lại ti khoản của mnh. Ti đ lỡ tay gỡ ci đặt tr chơi trong khi chưa lin kết với ti khoản c nhn no. Cc bạn c thể gip ti lấy lại ti khoản ID 55062480 sv 317
    Hy lin lạc với ti qua ID 174623485 .
    Xin cảm ơn !

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    Does anyone actually regain access to their lost account?

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    Yo tambin perd mi cuenta ee echo todo lo que me pidieron y responden una ves al da.... se entiende la cantidad de problemas pero tienen que dar solucin ! Muchos pagamos mucho dinero 💰 y queremos una mejor atencin al cliente

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    Bonjour, j ai desinstalle et rinstall, j ai maintenant un nouveau compte, comment retrouver l ancien s il vous plat. Julio66 serveur 961. Merci

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    Halo, saya kehilangan akun saya. Bagaimana caranya mendapatkan akun saya kembali? saya telah melaporkan dengan email, tapi hanya diminta menunggu 24 jam. Bagaimana kelanjutannya? Dapatkah saya mendapatkan akun saya kembali?

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    Помогите восстановить аккаунт сервер 725 Fortis. ID:122149386

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    I can't log in to the game
    After update
    266 server. L A V R ((((

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    Hi, I'm on server 974,
    Monarch ID: 163576974
    Name is currently: PURGE Midian

    The game showed server disconnection for over 5 minutes, I cancelled out of the game and restarted it, but no luck. Have cleared everything and reinstalled - still nothing, just a frozen "checking updates" loading screen.

    The bi weekly SvS is starting, I'm an R4 and cannot access the game to assist my alliance. We're all going to get zeroed, I hope Evony will compensate all of server 974, many players have invested heavily!

    Please help ASAP!

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    Тоже не могу войти после сбоя сервера жду ответа третьи сутки

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    Server 252+269. Monarch Werc. ID 42116221Locked out of account. Uninstall and reinstall. No change. Please help. 2 hours left on bubble during KE.

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    I m also facing the same issue as Purge midian is facing my id 173405465 name Abhi castle and server 1033..

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