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Thread: Important: Update 2.2 and account lost recovery.

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    Meu celular foi roubado perdi acesso e não tenho mais o email por favor me ajudar uma conta muito dinheiro investido
    Conta com antiga ID17246016
    Nova conta para vincular ID 21085852

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    başka biri hesabıma giriş yapmışken ben nasıl alabilirim hesabım Google play kayıtlı ve istediğim zaman girebiliyorum içine girmiş olan kişiyi nasıl engellerim lütfen yardım edin

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    başka bir kişi hesabıma giriş yapıyor ben nasıl alabilirim hesabım Google play kayıtlı ve istediğim zaman girebiliyorum içine girmiş olan kişiyi nasıl engellerim lütfen yardım edin

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    Porfavor nesesito ayuda

    Quiero hablar con administrador

    Estoy en servidor 22

    Mi nombre es AquilesIV

    Tengo problemas con el juego

    No puedo activar burbuja

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    De-linked account

    My account has been de-linked and customer support has been slow in responding. The account that got deLinked Id 10624039 on s10-2. Following the instructions I created a new account on s10-2 24118621. Please link to my Apple ID (send via pm to James) with proof of ownership. I have spent 3 years building this account and inability to respond will lose the progress in the game for me. Your software has a glitch and caused this so you need to fix it.
    Last edited by; 01-14-2019 at 04:09 AM. Reason: I will send my Apple ID via private message to James with the screen shots

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    My friend has his account locked out now because of an issue with the swap accounts function and customer service is refusing to restore it even though he has the documentation they requested

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    Lost account

    Lost my account! Don’t think I had it linked. Name was Ashlalib. Server 190

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    Account is 17079602 server 11 alliance. Ark.

    True wallet

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    I have missing my account crypto age server 1 it was linked to username IronMan level13 aliansi [LgR]los ga rewel.
    My id number in game 11088 the king level my town is level 16. Baron.please help me how to get back my account? My email is
    I dont know why i can't log in again in my account.
    Facebook name is wawan felicio.
    Thank you if u help me To Dm

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    My buddy has a k27 acct and a k25 account on his mobile phone (each acct is on a diff phone). He is getting stuck on both of them on the load screen and its saying searching for updates. this has happened before for him as well. I have never had any issues and I'm android so I'm assuming this is an ios only issue as it happened to him quite a few times now. If he gets 0'ed on both accounts I don't see him continuing to play unless he can get some help from support to get his stuff back. any ideas at all? ill post what he's tried so far and any specs I can get from him as well.

    phone 1: k27 on an iPhone 7+ using Facebook for the login (his personal) (acct name: LordGideon, **the 'o' in "lord" is the purple devil face emoji with a grin like a boss)
    phone 2: k25 on an iPhone 6+ using Facebook for the login (a new account that is separate from his personal) (acct name: altfarm5000)

    he has,

    used LTE network to try to load
    used wifi network to try to load
    restarted both phones and tried after
    used wifi with airplane mode on to block any data network issues from his phone
    deleted Evony and re-downloaded

    also, neither iPhone is running most current ios release as most current ios usually sucks until the next one comes out

    thanks in advance!

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    I lost my account, I was keep level 13 and my name was Njalwal and I dont think I had it linked. Any help please?

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    Can you help me my name was Njalwal and i was keep level 13 rank baron.

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    Tuve que resetear mi tablet y ahora perdí mi cuenta mi id 28307588 alianza DKT mi nombre ELVIRA ya no se que hacer

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    I had to reload the app and lost my account. I do not know if I linked it or not, but I payed a lot using GooglePay. My Monarch is Hundog, I am level 20, and 5M power.
    How can I get back what I had? The game was stuck at loading time looking for an update.
    Please help. Thank you.

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    To my previous message, I am using a Samsung phone and got in from Facebook.
    My shield will expire soon and I will loose all troops ... please let me know if you need anything else. I sent an email as well. Thanks.

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