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Thread: Important: Update 2.2 and account lost recovery.

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    It's now 6 day's,, my account lost, I'm from server 197,ice cold alliance War.
    Black screen even after reinstall the new game also black screen an not responding, no option to load progres, I want my paid game back pls.

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    After uninstal and reinstaled

    I have uninstalled this game and reinstalled it
    but I still can't log in to my account in Ms. M's name

    256 server
    the name of Ms M's castle
    level 20
    Garuda alliance
    ID number 40315201

    Please help
    at this time the kill event
    and my shield is almost gone

    thank you

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    Hai officer
    Thank you
    My akun is back

    And im login now..

    Thank you so much

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    I play 236 server FreddyK. ID 37257921 i want back my game.

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    Fekete képernyő.Töröltem újratelepítettem.De nem jön vissza a régi account.Újat dob be. Szeretném visszakapni.

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    I uninstalled them reinstalled.
    My lost account info is:

    Name: Brodeur1851
    ID: 47995606
    Server: 313

    New account ID: 500322758

    This account has been linked to a Facebook account. I do not think the first account was linked.

    Thank you for your assistance in restoring my original account.

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    Please check the new account ID 500322758. It's a wrong ID.

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    Sorry, Brodeur1851's ID is 50032758.

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    Dear, these two accounts are on different servers. You could try to change to Server 313 first.

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    Brodeur1851 doesn't want the account on 327, she just wants her account on 313 back. The account on 327 was created so that you could connect the two, as recommended earlier in this thread. She needs to get the 1st character back. Thank you.

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    Do you want both of her characters in the same 313 server?

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    A new account was created on server 313. The new ID is 50512789. The old ID is 47995606. Please let me know if there is something else I can do. Thank you for your help

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    Dear, you need to provide a new account in the same server that your lost account in. We could not relink account from server to another server.

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