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Thread: Important: Update 2.2 and account lost recovery.

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    Hi James - Is this still a known issue as my Alliance leader is currently having issues logging into his account. He had a previous account on a different server which is still working fine, but the account on our current server doesn’t appear to be working.

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    This does not work for iPhone users. If a user has created a new game, they are defaulted to their old game and old server. Thank you costing me 1000$ much appreciated.

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    Dear, so sorry for this late reply. I submitted your issue to our relevant team and made a check. If you could log in to your account 50939869 now? Or if you have other needs? Thank you.

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    I cant access my account either as it started me over please help

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    I'm _HAWK_ in alliance nocturnal

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    Здравствуйте, уже 7 дней служба поддержки не может, или не желает помочь мне вернуть доступ к моему аккаунту . Я сделал всё, что они просили : создал новый аккаунт, дал копию оплаты на Google Play, новый аккаунт соединен с Facebook и Google Play. Уже 7 дней мой К30 ( 80М силы ) стоит без щита. Я могу потерять всю свою армию .

    Помогите пожалуйста вернуться в игру.

    Old account #*29887722

    New account #*53212674


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    Dear, sorry for the late reply. I have made a check. Your account 29887722 is linked to both FB and Google Play now. And it has a login record today. IF your problem has been solved?

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    Hola espero puedan ayudarme por q es la 4ta cuenta q pierdo por las actualizaciones ahora estoy arto ya q ahora soy R5 de la alianza ONE, servidor no estoy seguro pero me lo van a confirmar mañana seguro por favor mi usuario es Torriccellis porfavor necesito entrar a mi cuenta esta vinculada a Face el correo es

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    Dear, I could not find a player name Torriccellis. Could you provide us your account ID?

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    Perdon mi nombre es :
    Torriccellys (ONE)
    SERVIDOR: 318

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    Hello James, I have been trying to gain access to my account since losing it Saturday. I have filed several tickets but could use some help hopefully expediting the issue. My old account is 49825966 on server 325 and the new is 55178887. I am the leader of my alliance and need to get back to them as soon as possible please. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hola, necesito quien me ayude a recuperar mi cuenta!!

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