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    Customer Service

    I have had an issue into my account today and sent several messages to customer service but until now they are ignoring me... What should i do?

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    Lol nothing, don't spend any more money here and advise others to do the same.

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    Damn i think i'll take your advice as i have spent lot of money and nothing on return

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    I have opened an in game support request each day for the last 4 days. Each day support just closed the case without responding. There is literally no recourse shy of legal action left to take and what a waste of energy that would be.

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    Iím getting the same thing... until now no word from them and my issue is still at stake😩

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    Best way to get help is on here, James will help faster than the other way, but faster is around 24 hours

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    Lol now it is 48 hours and still no answer here

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    I finally got an answer but which had nothing to do with my question 🤣

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    well so far James has not helped me one bit. I opened my case January 24th and got one useless copy paste reply.
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