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Thread: Compensation for all

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    Compensation for all

    I would like monetary compensation for everything I have spent on this game. What you offered for Amazon users for the mistakes during the last update is insulting, and for most it doesn't come close to what we lost while unable to log on.
    Unless you can return all resources, troops, AND subordinate cities (2 blues and a green), I am not interested. The fact that we have to fight so hard to get back what we lost is absurd considering how reasonable the request is, and I was willing to keep playing (and paying) if the mistakes were corrected. However now I'm tired of fighting and just want my money returned. Otherwise I am seriously considering going over legal options, as I have invested a lot of money. I don't think this is unreasonable.

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    Please message me if u are successful. I have messages in game support, posted here, add well as emailed the developers. NONE OF THEM WILL EVEN RESPOND. I beleive that they think believe people will just forget and move on.

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    I agree, and I will. For such a simple solution they are making things very complicated.

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    Message me as well.

    I have documentation (as well as many topic threads here) that will prove useful in a Class Action.

    The problems I have experienced go back to nearly a year now.

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    I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and am in talks with an attorney. I will continue to move forward with this.

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    class action time

    Quote Originally Posted by Ugh View Post
    I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and am in talks with an attorney. I will continue to move forward with this.
    Please update this thread with the progress. When they inevitably delete this thread when they find out people are some messing around open a new one.

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    Hey there i’m at the same situation even tho Evony admited they own fault and they refund 50% of my troops but the rss and subs and speeds i’ve lost they didn’t bothered to return. i have all the ss of this and provided it to google play. i get single refund for my last 2 packs since you can’t claim all money through internet coz you have to make a phone call. i did that and have case pending on full refund. This is ss of latest refund ppl please do contact google play or apple for refunds if you have a case. Click image for larger version. 

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    Evony is in breach of contract for failure to provide goods and services. Maybe a law suit should be started.

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    They are thieves. They will get theirs someday. James will have to revert to KFC drive through assistant shift supervisor.

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