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Thread: Amount of basic Stamina allotted each day

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    Amount of basic Stamina allotted each day

    Itís getting very frustrating not getting additional stamina if I donít spend any money on the game

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    I have been playing this game for awhile and I do buy packs but the amount of stamina has dropped that a player receives. Plus during the valentines event you raise the monsters to need 30 stamina. I know you guys want to make money but This is pushing it. I am also spending 5000 gems a day to get stamina just to play. some options change the 50 to 100 that you use gems for or bring the eggs back during an event to give more stamina instead of only the Lincoln egg only giving you 2. Or maybe lower boss s stamina needs . Most People are on a limited budget and I donít think it will change the amount people spend overall.

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    Something to think about most people that play this game limit themselves on what they spend each month. I donít want to see a server die because people quit, because I do like this game. Limiting stamina is not the way to go. Coiners buy stamina and many others canít do nothing but farm this hurts smaller players greatly and some larger ones. During an event a player should get more stamina than what is given during this valentine event. If you want to restrict something make refining stones reserch stones and hammers harder to get. But limiting stamina where people are not even joining rallys gets people to complain and I have heard plenty during this event. I am only saying this because I really like this game and donít want our server to die.

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    Limiting stamina is not the way to go Evony it will kill a server and the game. When people donít have stamina they send troops to relics or the largest farm they can find and put there phone down Then they come back the next day. When people are not involved in the game they will grow tired of it and end up playing something else. You want people to stay interested donít take stamina think about it
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    I have to agree, not nearly enough stamina, if you want to keep people active and playing the game, they very well need the ability to farm and send out attacks.

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