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Thread: Evony glitches and Lag during SvS Video proof

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    Evony glitches and Lag during SvS Video proof

    Got my army wiped out during last hours of SvS due to lag and glitches. as always. but this time i managed to record it. was kicked out from the game in process also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BomberLand View Post
    Got my army wiped out during last hours of SvS due to lag and glitches. as always. but this time i managed to record it. was kicked out from the game in process also.
    Dear Liege
    From the video, we can see that it has nothing to do with the server or network connection. Could you tell us your device model and user id here so that we can check please? Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Several ppl was complaining in WC just about 3hrs before SvS timer was up. Anyway i’m added ss of my Internet speed also just so you know. My ID 16417673 . And in video you clearly see opponents hitting empty space for like 6sec untill my keep showed up. got kicked from the app in process too. And i’m using Iphone 6 pluss. Thanks.

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    it was pretty good all SvS but moments like this really let’s people down especially when Customer service ignores or refuse to help.

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    Hello im from S18 and i will like my old account i recently switched devices and i couldnt link to my old account and lost it when i switched my device i will like it back to participate in the event for valentines day ans also buy so pleaseeee my
    Old: 15078364
    New: 18526860
    I want it back please as soon as possible

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    And while you are checking current claim here is another glitch i have with you game. itís troop revive glitch. iím not sure how many rss iíve lost and reviving stones until i noticed this. it takes rss but doesnít revive my troops.

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    Dear Liege
    From the game log, we can see that you had no truce agreement left after you broke the bubble and joined the rally. So we are sorry that the troops lost on 12th and 13th will not be compensated. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Yes James you are right i did joned rally only to hide my troops while in another server. but my alliance member was nearby and hes been attacked from low player so i decided to rein my alliance member. But because of the lag it wasnít possible to do it. Anyway it was only 125k troops who are revived already because i knew how useless you are. anyway there is another video with svs revival glitch and i need refund those troops who disappeared and rss i used healing them and reviving stones on top of that.

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    But all i can see from the video i shared that your game is laggy as fuk and i donít need logs to see it. if you would be smart enough you would understand that this outcome me loosing those troops came only because of your laggy game. you fuking stupid to understand that how can you do anything on the game when your lag is 5-10sec long. fix your shit first.

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    First your answer was about my phone iím using so incase itís shity one you can blame on it. next my internet but it also too good to be blamed. and now you saying itís because i had rallied troops i lost them? you fuking idiot who just circles around to cover your stupid laggy game. Anyway idgaf about your answers since google play is dealing with it for me. iíll get as many refunds as i possibly can so you can go and fuk yourself.

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    you haven’t dealt with my second video claim tho

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    James, this player is Akmuo, the same player that stole Stylez account, and scolded Stylez for being unprofessional and swearing.

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