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Thread: I need help on Server 1, it's been over a week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasparilla View Post
    OMG, what part of this don't you understand?
    I gave you my account ID:654
    That was your first clue.
    But you didn't get it.
    I told you it was on server 1.
    But you didn't get it.
    I have posted SS, here, on my account 654, and on my account on server 34.

    You want me to keep jumping through hoops, why doesn't anyone answer me on the account that I have the problems on?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SM G900A
    I don't know what the resolution is, I have tried all 3 settings in the game.

    Don't go trying to blame my phone.
    There is many playing with the same phone.
    I have been playing for over A year without issues.
    Dear Liege
    Please try again. It seems that our developer found and cleaned some abnormal or damaged data on your account. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    So finally after nearly 2 weeks of runabout, I can finally log in.
    I don't suppose I can get my daily logins that I missed out in.
    Since you have a record of me logging in everyday.

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