I discovered this BUG DURING SvS2.

I initially reported it via the in-app. support, but the ticket was deleted without a response.

I did not report it HERE until now, because once this BUG is out in the open by posting here, ANYONE can use it.

S38 has apparently used it against enough servers now, that I've seen multiple servers exploiting this BUG during SvS.

On servers where it is known to being used, it is resulting in people NOT attacking during SvS, since there is no way to defend against it.

Essentially what is done, I refer to as "porting-under".

It is a modified trap, where the attacker ends up hitting NOT the Keep the attack was launched against, but a second Keep that ports-in just before the attackers troops arrive.

Attacker (A) marches against Defender (D1).

Approximately 1-2 seconds before the attackers troops arrive, Defender D1 ports-out.

A larger Secondary defender (D2), simultaneously ports-in at the same time D1 is porting out.

While the Attacker can see the port-out / port-in, there is not sufficient time to use a troop recall to prevent hitting Defender D2.

Apparently, Evony's code is written such that the Attacker is marching against an X: / Y: tile location, NOT a target (i.e. Keep, troops, monsters).

At the time the Attackers troops arrive, Evony's battle algorithm calculates the battle based on WHATEVER EXISTS ON THAT TILE LOCATION AT THE TIME THE ATTACKING TROOPS ARRIVE, not what the Attacker marched against.

I call this "porting-under", because D2 PRE-PORTS (does all but the last step) BEFORE D1 HAS PORTED. D2 DOES NOT CLICK THE "[ CONFIRM ]" BUTTON TO CONFIRM THE PORT UNTIL D1 HAS PORTED. And it looks for all intent purposes as if D2 has literally PORTED-UNDER D1, because as the image of D1's Keep is disappearing, D2's Keep instantaneously appears.