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Thread: Hacked and locked out - james please respond

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    Hello, I am a player on 63 who has seen this mess for weeks. I felt the ethical thing to do was share world chat screen shots were bomber stated the account was not his, but in fact Stylez. Bomber (Akumo) stated he received the account for free and that he was in OMA AC. Please tell me the best way to send you the screen shots. Thank you, Ananke

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    This Akumo, is now targeting Stylez alliance. Tile hitting and boss stealing. Please correct this blatant theft.

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    I can also confirm that Akumo aka bomber has stolen stylez account and has bragged about it in wc i too play 63 and have been watching the drama unfold in world chat for the last couple days

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    James, Akumo is currently in S63 WC. He is bragging of winning. "I always having a last laugh. Go and cry in forums King of clowns 🤡 " He continues to prove Stylez is the true owner of that account.

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    My account was also hacked please recover my account for me.I need to regain access.Someone is playing my game.

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