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    I have notified customer support of a glitch that allows me to attack myself....and how I have troops that disappear and are unhealable...I backed this up with screenshots....I was speaking directly with VICKY who was helping me and was going to return my troops to me, then RAYMOND logged the chat and closed my ticket without reading what had been happen ing or going on.... this is very unprofessional and rude...I am subjected to a glitch while in a boss rally and y troops kill themselves...all I wanted is the resources to heal...they gave me them but when I healed it only allowed part to heal other just disappeared....also I have lost troops from this which are not being returned...

    I then asked for resources and speedup OR the troops I lost and disappeared to be given to me. waiting for VICKY to follow through on what she said, RAYMOND logged and closed my ticket..

    I have screen shots of the glitch..wounded and dead...reports...and the chat conversation I need help because this is very poor customer support and for me to suffer loss at the hands of a glitch on the game side....if this is not fixed I will be reporting to the Google play and Amazon stores..along with requesting a refund from my bank

    monarch I'd
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