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    Angry you are not able to support

    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix_69 View Post
    Since I installed the update to version 3.0.2 (use iPhone 6s), whatever the game crashes. I try to join and rally ... crash. I try to get out of the city ... crash. I try to read a bubble ... accident.
    the day 9 June at 02: 04: 10 (server time 00:02:10) I suffered the first attack on the main castle, I had 415.182 injured .... 216,606 dead on the bill are added add 9 dead general, 1 it was a defense of the main city and 8 were mayors of subordinate cities.
    But it did not end here.
    Always a cause of the impossibility of coming into play for the continuous clashes, I lost 5 subordinate cities (2 have been recovered from my alliance fortunately).
    The troops resource killed and wounded the resources lost in the attack on the main city, as well as the return of the subordinated cities lost.

    ID: 13981817

    I am waiting for a quick solution to the problem of crashes and of course the return of what has been lost due to problems due to the application.
    Thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by James0222 View Post
    Dear Liege
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We will report your case to our developers. Thanks.

    Best Regards
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix_69 View Post
    Will be reported ok, but the damage suffered?
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix_69 View Post
    Version 3.0.3 has been released, so the problem of crashes has been recognized by you. Now the losses suffered that I have listed in the first post how can I recover them?
    the only thing that works with the evony support is that it does not work, or even worse, they do not listen. You are never able to solve problems, your answers are preset. Evony is good at taking only our money, and we are so stupid that we still give it to you

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