Guagamela Battlefield Preview 2: Buildings, Monsters and Score Rules

In Guagamela, players can earn scores by killing Monsters, troops of the opponent and occupying
buildings. Players who reinforce a building and join a Monster rally can also get some scores.
The scores gained by reinforcing buildings and joining rallies do not count as Alliance Scores.

Battlefield Hospital
Occupy it to earn scores and increase the whole Alliance's healing speed.

Blessing Tower
Occupy it to earn scores and increase the whole Alliance's attack and defense.

March Tower
Occupy it to earn scores, increase allies march speed to Monsters and reduce opponents march speed.

Occupy it to earn scores and teleport chances that are shared by the whole Alliance.
(Players still need to use them own teleport items to teleport in the Battlefield)

Monster Score
There are three types of Monsters in the Battlefield. The ultimate Boss is in the center of the map. The three big
Bosses are in the central area. The small Bosses are randomly distributed. Kill Bosses to earn scores.

Kill Enemies
Kill enemies to gain scores.

Battlefield Ranking and Rewards
1. After the Battle, players can get rewards based on the victory or loss, as well as personal scores.
2. The Battlefield Ranking contains Alliance Ranking and Personal Ranking.

More to come, stay tuned!