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Thread: Evony RC

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    How do I get invite code to evony RC. I never got one after downloading

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    I need a invitation code please

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    I would like to play on server 2 please but I need a code

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    Been a long player in server 60 for 4 years how can I get invited to beta?

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    Invitation Request

    I want to play in Evony RC
    Can I get an invitation code?

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    can i have a code to join the test server please?
    Here is my ID: 25566939

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    Bagaimana mendapatkan code masuk Evony RC?? Inbox me

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    Bagaiamana mendapatkan code server please

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    How to play evony rc, I really want to play it please

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    I see where they are opening EvonyRC up to ios, will we get invited from server 1 since our iOS codes where not playable in the first Evony RC?

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