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Thread: Quick Feedback for New K35 Expansion update!

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    Quick Feedback for New K35 Expansion update!

    Please comment by the below format if you are seeing any bugs and problems in the K35 version.

    My player id number is:
    My issue is (No details are too small):

    My device type is:
    Attach a screen shot and preferably a video if possible:

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    my game crash several times since the last update, the game does not stay 10 minutes without the application terminating, I've uninstalled and installed and the error continues, check my log 13929130. My device is IPhone 6

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    The troop load out screen does not accurately show how many troops is needed to farm a rss tile. This is apparent in lower teir troops.

    Game crashes.

    Additional game lag.

    Issues with the new alliance city buffs and features.

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    Crashes every two minutes and all cs says is to update...duh!!! Updated, deleted, reinstalled, cleared, etc...Game is not playable as it is and this began with the big update so donít tell me it is my device

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    Customer Service

    in This game I lost connection twice due to programming issues from the game.. I lost connection twice.. Both times it took customer service over a week to get reconnected.. I lost over 200 million resources.. this last time they offered me 20 million compensation 3 weeks later... Thank you Daniel for treating your customers like crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My player id number is:
    My issue is (No details are too small):

    My device type is:
    Attach a screen shot and preferably a video if possible:

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    При ставке в 64 процента меня кинули на город, криворукие разрабы, в этой игре такого дерьма хватает

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    А то что кинули на город зачем удалять ?

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    Yes. If many of you read this. Game require high end phone to play. If you using an obsolete phone or iPhone. You won't enjoy playing as the app constantly crash. That is the fact. Face it.

    K35 does not have it purpose of creating more player experience but more toward pay player experience. When u pay more u reach fast and enjoy god like attack power. For those that is loyal player that spend long hours playing can't even require more play time in order to play. But less rewards given compare to previous.

    For those that are new I wish u all the best. For those that not new, think of still fight on. Old think twice, cause now this app require you play even long hours to get level up. Good luck.

    It is getting pretty boring.

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    I absolutely agree. I'm just curious if Evony is hiring at the moment bc I know someone over there is making a killing off of fools who got lost keeping score on Evony. The elite, rich players with more money than sense can pay their way and quickly become more powerful than anyone very easily. Their empire is forged in a day where regular people who play have to wait a whole month to upgrade just one building.. I decided to soend $500 one night and was happy with what I got but realized to negatives to that.. 1) I just spent money to get ahead by the next keep upgrade and maybe the next tier troops maybe.. if your lucky, that is.. and 2) I didn't even get close to catching up to the massive maxed out alliance powerhouses bullying and dictating your server. I just hope they calm down just a little bit.. I like the game, but they're is no way to get the full experience or enjoy unless your an old rich fool with more money than common sense.

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    Accounts are getting delinked. This is a software glitch from the update. How are you planning to compensate players for de-linked accounts. I know personally I have spent money on this game and am very upset that your software is so glitchy that it Delinked my account. I have spent 3 years playing this game and to lose all my progress would cause me to quit playing the game.

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    Hello . Help please restore your account. The gadget is broken, and I canít log into my account. help me please

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    Don't bother crying. I had my sons account de-linked and destroyed and they did NOTHING.

    They do nothing and never care about players. Fact 100%

    They told me they would help me, told me to create a new account and they would relink it but they lied. CS told me he went on vacation and they after I complained he deleted our whole conversation and quit replying.

    100000% Fact

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    Estou com problemas no mapa em meu iphone

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