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Thread: Quick Feedback for New K35 Expansion update!

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    lv 35 menjadi 34 setelah pembaharuan, apa kalian tidak bisa mengembalikan itu dengan cepat.

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    Kale inşaat 27 seviye bir gün var inşaat bitmek için sabah oyuna girdim kale seviyesi 26 inşaat yok bu nasıl oldu ? Son zamanlarda oyun çalışmaları ve forumlarda yardımcı olmak yok burada çok pişmanım evony oynadığım için zamanıma emeğime yazık

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    Salut l'équipe j'ai perdu mon compte evony quand j'ai supprimé les données et les caches de mobile j'ai supprimé les données de jeu alors quand je l'ouvre je commence à niveau zéro svp aide moi information mon serveur 446 alliance ONE mon niveau de jeu 23 le nom de capitale c'est assib merci infiniment

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    Today I was upgrading to K35..had all my resources open..clicked screen flashed the cant connect symbol for a second..literally then reloaded...when it did my food went from 3.3b to 750m. I reloaded the game multiple times..reinstalled the game...sent support the 750 that is left is being consumed. 🥺🥺

    My gamer id is 88757726 server 529

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panza View Post
    my game crash several times since the last update, the game does not stay 10 minutes without the application terminating, I've uninstalled and installed and the error continues, check my log 13929130. My device is IPhone 6
    Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you've run into a tricky issue with your game. Have you tried restarting your device and clearing your cache? If that doesn't help, could you provide a bit more info about the game (e.g. name, version) so we can take a better look at your log?

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