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Thread: Do not suspend accounts without reason ! Don't spnt money on the game !

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    Do not suspend accounts without reason ! Don't spnt money on the game !

    My account has been suspended without any reason . The developers keep saying that I have done something illegal but I am sure that I have done nothing wrong. The most I did is to transfer some resources to my husband.

    I have spent one year plus on the game , spending lots of time on it even waking up at 2-3 am at night to get resources. I also spent lots of money on it.

    I just receive a mail from the game developers that it is their right to suspend me cos they are the game developers. So please take note ! They can just suspend your account as long as they are happy with it !

    Do not suspend accounts without reason !

    To all new and existing players : Remember not to spent any money on the game as the developers can just suspend your account without reason especially if you just transfer some resources. My account that I play for one year was just suspended cos I transfer some resources to my friend's account. I have spent money and effort on it and the developers refuse to investigate again , insisting that my account uses some third party software. I did not !

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    文明霸业随便删除账户,随便回档你的游戏等级,清除你的资源,请看完我的真实经历在考虑进坑! !

    然后就被运营商回档到了30级,而且没有任何补偿!他们可以无理由禁止你的账户,甚至清除!! !


    我们今天的不平等遭遇,以后你都会在这个游戏里遇到。因为继续玩下去,以后的你,就是现在的我 !!!

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    A player named DEVIL recently got rolled back from Keep 34 to keep 30. She has a heart of gold, never cheated, and literally saved resources since May for this update. She pushed hard on day 1 and now theyíre accusing her of cheating and took it all back.

    I donít know about your situation, but I know if it isnít fixed in server 57 there is a long line who will be quitting the game entirely and trying to get their money back :/

    When the game just takes away hard work from people who eat, breathe and live evony it is not encouraging for others to continue.

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    It has happened to a girl on my server as well. The clock is ticking for Evony Developers to prove their accusations, the burden of proof is on them not the players but they keep asking for can you provide screenshots of not getting or selling illegal resources. 🤷. Whatever tracking they are doing to look at resource transfers is leading them to believe the resources were obtained illegally and/or being sold is inaccurate and they are being too slow to fix it. Customers have a right to know what it is they did wrong if they did, and that should be the immediate response from Customer Service when they write in and ask. This mass banning is a joke.

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    Contact Google. I did when I got my account lost it took 4 weeks and got nothing from Dev. Contacted Google they contacted Dev and had back next day

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    this is the kind of problems i hate block with no reasonable reasons

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