Someone dismissed my troops, after asking in game customer support to fix it, they refused. I submitted another ticket. they accused me of dismissing my own troops despite a previous ticket where I warned customer support my account was compromised and asked them to log it out from all devices which they failed to do or allowed the hacker access. When it went without being fixed I contacted google play and they gave me a partial refund which was worth no where near the value of the issue that incurred. It is now a month later. 1 week after james0222 assured my my troops would be restored. Now he is claiming they wont restore my troops. He is not honoring his word and only pretending to offer his help so google doesnt shut this scam down.... I'm a 24k vip 17 account if they wont help me they wont help you. Now because they failed to help me for 2 months and I had no choice but to chargeback the last 30 days of purchases they now want to tell me they wont help me because they didnt help me in the first place so I took matters upon myself.... I guess their lack of prompt customer support falls on me and now I'm out 1.3m t12