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Thread: Stamina

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    Stamina in this game is very difficult to come by. I have no idea why itís even charged on the visits for celebration squads, Santa, turkeys etc. 100 stamina only gives you a few rallyís. Iím sure folks wonít quit purchasing if stamina was eliminated or was more easily gained. Regeneration is way too slow. I suggest it be more easily obtained or done away with. Itís extremely frustrating when one isnít at the top and trying to catch up.

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    Stamina should be in the chest or whatever rewards are gained from monsters and bosses. If a hammer, fang or feather can drop, so should stamina. It is crippling to not have enough even for basic rallies.

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    Stamina should also auto apply. Nothing more annoying then having to press to us it. Duh I am going to use it obviously.

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