Player ID:16382196 While playing SVS this morning at 2019-4-20 01:09:45 and 01:10:17 .While on the other server. My game bacame slow and unresponsive. First I could not set rallies, it forced kept freezing and resetting. So only one rally was set out of two. I set a march for attack. I saw that the player I was attacking had switched places with another. I hit the recall button and sped the march. The game froze and reset. It sped the march to the attack not to the recall. Causing me to lose the attack. Then when I was trying to speed back. The game froze again when trying speed home. I could not add gems or do anything. I was then scouted and hit. The game became unresponsive. I was not able to port move. The game unfroze, reloaded and I was on fire. I have a healing bill of 240 million food, 372.9 million wood,521 million ore, 66 million stone and 279 days of healing. I have 1.537 million troops that need to be revived. I sent a message to customer service in game and the game kept freezing and showing signs of latency. I added screen shots and typed into the messsage box. The lag and the freezing was so bad the it double sent photos, added my text out of order. Once again I am a paying customer that has been playing for over two years with a VIP level of 16. I have been happy to pay to play. But I donít know how to keep playing if the game freezes and I lose all my troops. Please help.