Hello James. 1 issue one question. Issue 1st last 3 sw when on enemy server during throne and take tower for increased March. When try to send March over regular size allows you more in preset but when go to send to throne or towers get wifi signal boot out. I have complained in game support but not much of an answer. So since tower wont allow me to send tried over 60 times between the 3 server wars I had to use sr marches. Which again should be able send alot more then regular sr but would only allow me to send reg sr March 1 troop more red wifi. Have since lost as as sent to in game support which no longer works as well.
I just ask for 1 sr March back for each of 3 sw even though used atleaste 2 each sw. And if dev's can try to fix this.

The question I have is this.
When an alliance rallies a players. The report shows rally setters attack stats. Are the debuffs shown in that report just the rally setters also? Trying to find out as debuff gear stacks when solo does it stack with all the generals in the rally? Not sure if report just my debuffs but others stack and dont see or do they not stack?
Thanks for time