Hi. About a week ago I accidentally switched accounts on my daughterís iPad. My account overrode her account and hers was unlinked and lost. My account is linked to my Game Center, herís to my Facebook. I contacted support for her (she is mentally challenged) and was told the steps to take to recover her account. After I did all they had asked, I was informed that she would have to contact them herself before they could recover her account. I set up an email for her and she did manage to contact them, in her own unique way. I attached the requested information on the email for her and after she repeated the same steps they asked of me, she was told to contact Facebook to recover her account.

Contacting Facebook, Iím informed that I must contact Evony to recover her account, that they are in no way affiliated with Evony, they just blah, blah, blah... endless circle happening here.

My daughterís account isnít very big, she doesnít do a lot, just farms and joins rallies, but it connects her to my husband and me as well as giving her a means to interact with others without the dangers of the outside world affecting her. Sheís spent 2 years building her account and is quite upset that I accidentally unlinked it and overwrote it with my account.

Her monarch number is 16528733. I donít know if you need it or not, but the new monarch number I created for Evony Support that is currently linked to my Facebook is 24767597.

Youíre my last hope of recovering her account. And lesson learned, Iíve created her very own account in Game Center to link her account to if it is ever recovered.

Many, many thanks!

Pam McAfee