Dear Evony... I am long time player i have invested considerable amount of time and money on this app game (Currently VIP 20). this is my first time complaining despite many many issues with this game. I am extremely disappointed with the bugs and glitches of them game. i am currently considering zeroing my massive account and realising all the generals. i sent a complaint to your in game customers services about a query.. they have totally disregarded my issues and close the Service Request without even acknowledging that i exist. How do expect to continue as a profit making institution if you mistreat these who are buying your services? Don't get me wrong EVONY as game is an amzing and enjoyable concept, however this game is many of similar games in saturated market. Clearly your customers services don't care about if the lose spenders or not but i hope someone that cares reads this and answer the queries i sent 2 days ago.

1. i was occupying enemy throne for hours. i could see the points i was accumulating, however as soon as i.left the throne it removed all 120m points

2. Everytime i was in the enemy/ our throne, if someone scouted or attacked it shows the red wifi single. i lost 2 x 2.3m t14. reason why it was 2 times is because the first time i thought it was just freak wifi lose. however the second time proofed it was just a glitch.

please investigate. I have sent you all the battle reports