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Thread: Why arenít there any Avatars that are people of color?

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    Why arenít there any Avatars that are people of color?

    This game is an international game played by people all over the world. Is there a reason why there are no avatars that are people of color?

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    Exactly as a black african female, None of the Avatars represent me and I would like the closet match to my ethnicity. Before anyone says it's just an game and not a big deal, then all the Avatars might as well be changed to animals. In which case all players select their spirit animal and keep it moving

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    Dear, thank you for your support and feedback. I will submit your feedback to our relevant department. Have a nice day.

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    I am a white male, but I fully agree that there needs to be a range of ethnicity represented in the avatars, and also historic generals.

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    After playing this game for a few days. I asked the same question. I opened a ticket with them and their response was pretty much the same. I was a little shocked to see there there wasnít at least one black Monarch, or culture to select. Iím holding my change culture item, hoping they create one for the next up.

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    I hope there would be an option for any of the generals to automatically swap cultures as well. If they create equivalent general structures for each culture, it should be something included or at least an option as people make the culture swap it they want too.

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    I hope they reach out to ask for ideas for creating an African Culture. I think they would get really cool suggestions.

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    7 months later and still no avatars of color. This is sad that there has been no attempt to add at least one avatar. Maybe if this had more exposure on social media then it would get done.

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    I took screen shots in case this gets deleted. Everyone should share this thread on their social media. Thereís no reason why a darker shade avatar should not be available.

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    I don't get why everything with some people is about race. Here is an idea... if you want a game made that is inclusive of all things you think should be in it then develop one yourself. They have developed a game that they are raking in cash with and is a pretty well put together game. They could make it all black people or all white people and it would not change a single thing in the game. how can people go through life and constantly think "how can I insert race into everything I see". The comment on adding an African race to this was golden. Africa's history is awesome, although very sad and depressing at times, and should def be looked at to get added. If you are offended by the game not having people of color in it as avatars then stop playing it. by playing it and giving them money you are 'voting' for them to continue to do what they do. If you enjoy the game then why does it matter what color your avatar is? you don't get to see it anyway right?

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    Why do you object to others wishing to see a diverse avatar selection? Why do you not understand that other people want to choose an avatar that looks like them? I for one was disgusted to see that the female avatars I had to choose from were all white and weak looking sex objects, so I’m using a male avatar instead. I would much rather have a strong female warrior to choose from.

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    I'm not offended that there are no dark skinned avatars, however, the developers won't see a penny from me until there are...and yes, I am a P2W player in another game.

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    Today Helen arrived... It hit home to me about this. None of the avatars reflect a woman of colour.. Why if this is a global game, there is no move on this? I've emailed them as their support is shoddy at best. Superbly disappointing.

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    I think after SIX YEARSof failure to even take this issue seriously, we must now consider the developers racist, Helen of "Troy" is the latest example. She doesn't even look Greek!

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    Wow oddly enough it is universal that people donít generally think of ideas As universal on the upside is generally singular and ideas from their environment and not globally with that being said after all the bugs have been worked out and it is known to be diverse persons. Playing it would be incumbent of the developers to adjust accordingly to reflect its diversity of People who decides to play the game
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