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Thread: Safety Concern

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    Safety Concern

    We are having problems with a stalker on our server. Itís been reported to CS multiple times. Heís actually created accounts with players on the servers real names. Stalked them on FB by searching Evony Facebook page. Multiple tickets have been posted to CS with no response and the ticket disappearing. This player has actually committed physical violence against a member on our server because of the game. Hacked other peoples accounts and made verbal threats. This transcends many countries and puts real lives at risk. Developers need to make this game more safe for its players and look into these claims. Iím actually one of the few who like the game despite the common issues. But Iím now a victim like many others on the server. Please address and soon.

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    Dear Liege
    We are sorry to hear that. But you are concerning about your safety, please ask help from your local police and we are willing to provide the information to the enforcement if requested. I think this is the best way to secure your safety. Also, you could block the player in the game so that you won't see each other again which will keep him from knowing your gaming activities or habits. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    He has over 14 accts on that server not all are known. Blocking is not possible. And this is expected. This guy flew to Vietnam to stab someoneís boyfriend on the server. He chronicled it in his alliance AC. Then asked her if she needed to see more blood. He bragged about stalking facebook pages. Particularly mine. Heís mentions childrenís names. So many people have reported him and they go ignored. This crosses country borders there is nothing local governments can do. However, it is within Evonyís Capabilities to cease his activities on that server but Evony does not make the attempt to protect their players privacy or safety. This is a major concern.

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