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Thread: Help! Lost account!

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    Help! Lost account!

    Hello, I recently lost my account. I was trying to move accounts around and put them in a new device and ended up losing it. I have tried everything and canít get it back. I sent cs my old id and a new id that I made for them to replace and a screen shot of my last purchase as well. Now my bubble has fallen and I sat helpless watching my hard work be destroyed. I am soooo sad. I am just waiting and it still just shows as sent and never as read or responded to.

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    Dear, do you mean you have already got the account back? And you want to get some gift to reduce the loss when you can't login? If yes, please kindly provide your account ID, I will submit it to our CS team and apply some gift again. Thank you.

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    Nope still havenít got the account back. I am still waiting. Just devastated watching myself burn repeatedly. My ID is 24747980 on the server 100+129.

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    Dear, so sorry for this inconvenience. If you still have not got your account back. Please kindly provide you New ID and Old ID. I will contact our tech team to help you to finish the linking operation first. Thank you.

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    My old ID is 24747980 on the server 100+129. The one I made to replace with it is 28163351. Thank you!
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    Dear, our tech group has helped you to relink the account. Please kindly login to have a check. Besides, please kindly link your account to Facebook or Google to avoid the account lost again. Thank you.

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    No sir. I still canít get into it. It is just the one I made to be replaced still.

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    And today I still canít get in. The issue is still not fixed.

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    Dear, sorry for the late reply. Do you still can not access your account? When you login still the new one?

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    I am still locked out. Yes sir. Even as I checked this morning. It is still the new one.

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    And checked again now. Still nothing 😭😭😭

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    I finally go back in. 8 days later. Everything is gone itís horrible. 😭😭😭 if you can offer a gift to reduce the loss that would be great!!

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    Dear sorry for the late reply. I will submit your feedback to our relevant department. But I am not sure whether I can help you to apply for some gifts. If you encounter any problem, I suggest you try to contact our Facebook fans page via private message next time. As we will check the message there more frequently. Thank you.

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