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    There’s a player who is racist. Because people who are using the translation the context is not correct. She/he would make a barking sound insinuating that the other race is a dog or speaking dog language. This should not be allowed. She is calling another language as dog language and making a barking sound. This needs to stop.

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    Dear, thank you for your feedback. We will submit your feedback to our relevant department. Thank you.

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    Wow, people are unbelievable. It’s just a game and people still feel the need to separate like that. I would hope games like this could bring cultures together.

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    I'm usually the one saying suck it up on in-game issues but racism is completely not ok so be the 'squeaky wheel' meaning don't stop trying to get that player banned. We had a troll on our server that got perma-banned and he was top 10 strongest on the server with 1000's into the game so nobody is immune. Support in this game is generally slow beyond belief but they will get to you when they can. My city got lost/disconnected and it took a week and they didn't give me anything I lost back but they did help me access my acct again so just hang in there and they will get to you soon enough.

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    It is not a player, it is players.. my server is not a place where you people accept other and infact the treatment on s171 I have received from the first day till this day is quite offensive. Where you have people speak wickedly of another . I have never seen such a wicked set of people in my life time. I have messages and I have seen racism crawl into a game cos i have been racially discriminated several times. Only people of certain countries and colour are accepted the rest of us are dismissed and treated like nobody. I have seen how these same set of women or men make someone mentally distressed. This is a reality. So stop been a liar . Not a player. Players and if this lies goes on then let the database be investigated and are what leads to issues .

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    Youths should indeed be allowed to use their rights to free expression, movement, and access to knowledge, since they, too, have the right to engage in the life of society. Youngsters, particularly those from minority backgrounds who could suffer prejudice, require more assistance in getting respectable jobs and improving their career chances. People have a right to know about individual rights and the instruments that may be used to combat injustice, racism, and prejudice. Anyway, since this forum is about gaming, visit the link I add here to know more about


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    Report it, with screenshots if possible, but don’t expect much. I think the developers are racist themselves. I’ve been playing for almost a year with all-white avatars, and they finally released two new avatars — both white!

    There is a six year old thread complaining about the lack of diversity in the game where the admin said they would address it with the developers. Six years ago! Nothing has changed. It’s just a game for white male teenagers.

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    people are equal, no one is more noble than anyone so don't pretend to be better and look down on others because it's so stupid!
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    If you witness a player engaging in racist behavior, it is important to report it to the appropriate authorities or moderators in the subway surfers online game. Most games have a reporting system in place that allows players to flag inappropriate behavior, such as racism or hate speech.

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