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    Lost account

    Hi there, Iím hoping James can help speed this up.

    I lost access to my account a couple of days ago and Iíve been trying to get help through the in game CS but theyíre a bit slow in responding.

    I couldnít link my newly created account to game centre but created another new account that I could finally link to game centre. The details follow:

    ID - 33606867 (linked to game centre)
    VIP - 1
    Server - 191

    Lost game details:
    ID - 30779988
    VIP - 14
    Server - 191

    Iíve included purchase receipts in the CS Ticket as requested and am patiently waiting to get back in.

    Iíve been attacked while Iíve been unable to access my account and Iíd like either reimbursements or reparations please.

    Kind regards

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    Please help me. Iím stuck at home with a back injury and with everything else going on Iím losing my mind lol

    Itís been a couple of days since I tried to ďsecureĒ my account by linking it. Not only have I been attacked, but Iíve lost that time to continue to build my account stronger.

    I created an in game CS ticket about a half an hour after I lost my account access and have complied with all the requests.

    I just want to play

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    Dear, sorry for the late reply. I have submitted your issue to our relevant department. If I got any update, I will contact you here. Thank you.

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    An update: I got my account back last night!!! A massive shout out to Katherine who replied to my emails (sent through in game CS) and forwarded my info on to the developers.

    Tips for quick resolution:
    Have your Player ID, Server Number, VIP level and screenshots of your last (if any) purchases to give them.
    They also require you to create a new account on the server you lost your account on and provide Player ID, Server Number (should be the same) and VIP level.

    I am super grateful to the CS team and developers for helping me! It took a few days and lots of back and forward with the correct info but we got there in the end. Hopefully this info will help anyone who lost access to their account get it back quickly.

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