Iím the kind of player that likes to test out all my options before actually committing to an unchangable path so I started a couple of different monarchs to see how their culture & cities are set up. Now that Iíve decided, how do I get rid of the games I donít want to keep? Iíve tried unlinking both FB & Game Center Accounts, Then signing in on the account I want to keep Ö didnít work. When I go back to link my game to either platform the other Accounts are still there. Iíve tried this several times in many ways including restarting the program, uninstalling & reinstalling the game completely, rebooting the device(s), signing in on different devices & many combinations of the above. I know it doesnít have to be this hard. What am I missing or not deleting or not turning off or on Ö either way Iím flexible.
Please, any ideas or suggestions are welcome.
Thank You.
~ Me