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Thread: continuous PVP attacks

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    continuous PVP attacks

    I am a level 20 being attacked hundreds of times, unprovoked, in last 48 hours by one player who is way above my level. I have lost everything and back to square one, even after I have spent close to $300. There has to be a limit on how many times a player can be attacked per day/week by same player. I am not happy.

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    Try joining an alliance, what server are you on

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    I have always gone through that.. what is the essence of having only few strong alliance on a server,why must a player be pressured to join a big alliance. An alliance already having 100 gamers . If you dont join then you must be hit till you run off the game and you get backlash and hateful comments from others. To me that is not gaming..A gamer should be allowed to decide where they want to be not bullied or picked on and be asked to still pay money to support the game.
    This things should not be allowed where people or someone feel they have absolute power to distress others on a game,cos that how I feel and i will continue to speak out.

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    Couldnít agree more. Game is worthless for this reason. Screw the big alliances.

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    It's a team game, so your at a disadvantage if you chose to play solo (or in a small team).

    That said. There are many good servers out there. The newer servers can kind of be like the wild west where everyone is doing whatever they want, but usually once a power becomes established, they will set the server rules. Good servers typically don't allow things like tile hitting. That is the kind of server you want. Then all you need to do is stay bubbled and you can play solo all you want.

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    Basically a war game and the only way to build up is to stay 24x7 bubbled this is true of any war Bunker down or be a target. If you are active you should get 10k gems a week from just daily activity, and 2500 covers bubble or shield for 3 days. Gem and inventory MGMT is key to your survival. Don't open resources don't collect what you don't need and don't be an easy target they will move on to someone that gives them a target. They cannot hit a shield.

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    Spent money to get the power you want. Then nobody dare to bully you once you get to highest

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    Same here, Iím in an Alliance, and set my truce agreement before I went to bed. Checked my account this afternoon, and had been hit over 150 times by [EOE]!!!!

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    Completely agree. I'm in the same boat.
    There's an event now that encourages these attacks.
    This is the first game I've ever seen that actually discourages players from staying and leads them to quit the game because they are constantly assaulted by stronger players.

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