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Thread: Timer stopped

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    Timer stopped

    The timers on my construction have stopped counting down. Has that happened to anyone else? How do I fix it?

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    Yes!! Mine has done this for construction, research, and in the sub cities for everything. Iím using all my speed ups to try and get it unlocked. It has been happening for a couple days now. Iíve tried things to get it fixed but no luck.

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    Once I use speed ups to get it under a day the timer seems to work again usually but anything more than that and itís frozen.

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    Yup, I opened a ticket as I I was showing several days of claims left but my timers had froze and I hadn't noticed , I complete hard reboot of my phone fixed the issue , but I'm convinced I lost some content I could have claimed, but I'm just glad it's back working

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    At least itís not just me. Itís so not fixed though for me and Iím using all speed ups or else Iím stuck

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    This is happening to me. I have hard booted my phone, but that has not corrected it. I'm not happy.

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