Loving the game so far, it's interesting and fun but it has a few issues I think could be looked at.

1st the mail system ... Way to many mail notifications every activity I do I get a mail notification telling me what I already know

This needs an overhaul so that it's limited to rewards sent via mail, and communications

All other events should be in a log file that we can choose to view of we want but most importantly no mail notification

2nd the tomb puzzles are fun, but they stop at level 17, so after a week this element no longer has content

3rd times events there is an issue with timers on the server I've raised a ticket where my timers freeze or skip showing me incorrect data ... For example I had a returning march that was counting down, the march was way off the timer hit zero and the march stopped about 100km away from the keep. Rebooting the internet connection fixed this but it happens frequently

That's it for now

Keep up the good work