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Thread: Server rules from the king/queen

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    Server rules from the king/queen

    This is a feature request, on many servers the king will declare a set of rules for the server and the players for the most part will stick to, it does however create problems for new players those not in alliances and those in alliance with no communication.

    So my suggestion is create a new tab in the alliance menu that serves two purposes

    One it shows the server rules as set by the king, two is editable by the king.

    It will list what can and not be attacked in the way of player tiles (resource nodes, relics, camps, mines, etc) battle limits ranged from 0 to 10

    0 = can only attack player at your level
    1 = your level -1
    2 = -2
    10 = your level -10

    All rules are applied to the players on the server but are released during server wars.

    I'm sure this is something many old and new players would enjoy as an added function to the game and help to allow the game to grow as it will stop new players getting hit and quitting

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    I agree with this. Its a good suggestion. I'm currently on a server without a king/queen (279). And apparantly there are no rules, so its total anarchy. Before you can get to know the game youre overpowered by a strong alliance.

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    I'm also totally agree with it.

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