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Thread: Lost all my progress, any help?

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    Lost all my progress, any help?

    Today map start to turn in red squares, in try to fix, I clean the cache of application. I don't know my ID, I only have the link to invite, and payment proofs. I also don't have linked to Facebook or google 🙁 can you help me please?

    I don't know how to put images here in foum

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    Dear, for this case, please kindly contact our customer support via Facebook private message or in-game support. Thank you.

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    Hello James, thanks for answer. I have found the user ID, name: is: 43018923, name: SirMuk.
    is possible to relink to the new account?

    id =45878864 Player Name=Monarch4587886

    Thank you

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    Solved, with help in game.
    Thank you all

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    Benim hesabım kendi kendine sıfırlandı. Kaleme ulaşamıyorum. Hee girişimde yeni bir hesaba geçiş yapiyor nasıl geri alabilirim.? Ödeme kanıtım var.

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    Dear, do you still remember the account ID you lost? Thank you.

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    Evet james0222
    ID number. 33205627

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    Dear, you problem has been solved this morning via Facebook. Thank you.

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