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Thread: Freezing March time at 0

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    Freezing March time at 0

    The game has glitched and caused the march time remaining to stay at 0 during an attack. As a result you cannot shield or use a teleport, leaving you vulnerable to attack. I am still awaiting Evony to restore my troops lost from an attack sustained while I could not shield due to their glitch.

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    Dear, do you have this issue in Evony?

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    I do and am still awaiting any action. All as I have received is inquiry as to what I need for compensation, which I provided twice. Simply asking to restore troops lost from their glitch. I hope to get a response. I have spent good money on this game and hope they appreciate their customers. I will update as this progresses.

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    Dear, have your submitted your issue via in-game support? If yes, please kindly tell me the account ID or the ticket ID. I will submit it to our CS team and ask them to make a solution asap. Thank you.

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    I am 28918653. I have been replied to, but still have issues. Instead of reimbursing the gems I had to spend to buy sources of life to revive many of my troops, I was sent sources of life. Don't need the sources of life. Only bought them to save troops.

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    i have the same issue about 4 days ago.... march freeze up..... but with the difference that when it happen i restarted the game when i came back i used a advanced teleport to move a kill bosses.. but surprise!!! a full march of 100,000 mounted imperial lancers and 50,000 musketeers has vanished!!! PUFF!!! 30$ worth on money went to the drain as quick i bought the packages to be make this army!!.no dead not hospital just vanished i contacted customer service doing a ticket and a guy named Eric reply and has been 4 days since he done the first reply and has been ignoring me since then.. another member of the alliance her troops also disappear but she uninstalled the game and reinstalled back solving the issue i still having the problem with a sorry customer service guy named Eric who does not care to reply or solve the issue. My monarch id:50410734

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    On Server 350 95% of the users are now stuck. March time stuck at zero, all troops missing, can’t attack, can’t gather resources and can’t port.

    So many players are now saying they are leaving the game. We are heading into day 3 of the Server being broken. Support have just stopped responding. I wonder if the decision has been made by Evony to just abandon the Server.

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