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Thread: Game progress Recovery

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    Game progress Recovery

    Hello, could you help me to recover my game progress? It was not linked to any account, so I tried to link it to my Apple ID:
    Then I deleted the current progress and went to the one I played before.
    Progress Info
    Name: YesWeCan
    Server: 302
    I'm VIP15 and do not want to lose it!

    Current Account Info
    ID: 48626430

    Please help! It is really heartbreaking!

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    The progress linked to my AppleID is
    ID: 4644862
    Server: 300

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    Dear, we found your account YesWeCan, Account ID: 38632245 has been linked to a Facebook account. (Facebook ID: 2663993060530305). You could try to switch the account on your side and choose Facebook first. Thank you.

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