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Thread: Equipment issues

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    Equipment issues

    Hi, I bought a sword from the market place, I refined it, put it on my general, however every time I tried to upgrade the stars, the system would crash, go off line for a few seconds and then nothing. No upgrade happens. So I removed the sword to try and add stars without general, that didnít work because the sword vanished. Can you help plz, I have sent tickets, email and now this and still no answer from your customer service department, I m out of pocket as I purchased the sword with gems, tried multiple times to add stars so gold was used up also. Thank you

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    I have the same issue with multiple items, most of them yellow. I can not progress my general properly and lost alot of currency.
    That happens after I tried to refine or upgrade a star on them. After that the Items is completely bugged/broken if it is NOT EQUIPED

    I am not able to:

    -Equip the item
    -Refine the item
    -Not even disassamble the item

    However, if I try to upgrade/refine the item while my general equipped it, it will also bug out and DISSAPPEAR once I uneqip it. It is nowhere in my inventory (yes I checked ALL tabs).

    I contacted support. No satisfying answer after I showed the video. I can not properly progress my general that way.

    Please fix it as soon as possible or find a way to compensate the players. It's very frustrating to spent huge amounts of currency/time into a yellow item just to have it brick....
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    Yep me to customer support do not care and you are unlikely to get it resolved. Just stop spending money. May make a difference

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    I lost 15 million gold trying to upgrade equipment. Iíve sent multiple tickets on the issue, but customer serviceís response has been nonexistent! Donít spend money on packages. There is no guarantee that items you spend money on in packages when used just wonít simply disappear, and if they do you are out out of luck.

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