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Thread: Important My account has been hacked

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    Important My account has been hacked

    My brothers, my private account was hacked, I lost everything, and a mail was sent, as well as remembering it, and no response came. Please help me

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    Please reply as soon as possible and solve the problem

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    Anyone answer please. My account ID number 47768574 Hacked on server 310 game name

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    Dear, I have made a check your account 47768574 is linked to both Game Center and Facebook. If those account is yours, you could try to login your account with Game Center or Facebook. Have you ever shared your account with other players?

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    Thank you, brother. The account was recovered by the support Elena, after making sure. Thank you all

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    My brother, I have a problem now, and he hacked my account and expelled my army forces. I hope to get back and this is my message to support Elena


    Hey Elena,
    Please be advised that my power was 77 when the account has been stolen, the thief dismissed my troops. Need your help to check the logs for the last 3 days & get back my dismissed troops.

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    Likewise, my brother put a safety symbol and I asked for it, and after 5 days, I cannot control something like polishing the general

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    Dear, so sorry for the late reply. If your issue has been solved by Elena?

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